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ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC. was incorporated in 1972 with three trailer tractors, two sets of flatbed trailers and one lowboy trailer. For 30 years, the corporate office and maintenance shop sat on six acres, located in the Moses Lake Industrial Park, just off of Wheeler Road. Specializing as a heavy haul transportation company, the company quickly grew as the industrial development of Central and Eastern Washington expanded. Equipment, machinery, and building supplies were delivered to constructions projects throughout the entire Columbia Basin by the company's trucks.



ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC. began servicing the agricultural community by hauling container freight to and from shipping ports in Seattle and Tacoma, WA. Innovative ideas by the owner, such as the super chassis, enabled shippers to maximize the amount of freight that could be hauled inside containers. The super chassis, a sub-framed chassis that can stretch to accommodate heavier loads, is now utilized in various configurations throughout the trucking industry nationwide.



Durable core business strategies, along with a strong work ethic, continued to reward the company as it strengthened relationships with existing and new customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. As regional businesses grew, so did ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC. Soon, additions to the company's maintenance shop, office, and fleet of trucks and trailers was required to keep pace with the growing business. More quality drivers joined the company as well.



ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC., moved its operations to a new location, where significant growth began with the development of a larger yard, office, and maintenance shop. This allocation of over 65 acres of prime industrial real estate, conveniently positioned the company's facilities along the Wheeler business corridor in Moses Lake. A large distribution center, with its own office space, and fourteen additional warehouses were constructed to provide over 300,000 square feet of storage. Plenty of additional ground became available for storage of containers and weatherproof materials and product. In addition, a dedicated rail spur was installed for the loading and unloading of rail cars, providing access to intermodal opportunities across the nation. The entire location was (and currently is) registered as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), fully fenced and monitored 24/7 by a CCTV surveillance system. The maintenance shop was soon expanded to five bays to provide 5,700 square feet of state-of-the art servicing capacity for the company's fleet of trucks and equipment.


2022 marked 50 years of proudly serving the Greater Pacific Northwest with high quality transportation and warehousing services for ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC.  The company now operates over 65 trucks with more than 120 trailers in several variations of flatbed, van, and container chassis. Additional equipment includes two container reach stackers and a fleet of forklifts with varying capacities. Six full-time dispatchers and eight full-time mechanics keep the equipment running in top condition. Seven full-time warehousemen operate forklifts in fifteen warehouses. Four personnel staff the administrative office, managing everything from bookkeeping to payroll to accounting to business reporting and more.


Owners Jamie and Torrey Lanning of Moses Lake, WA, continue to build the company on sound financial strategies and strong relations within its diverse industrial and agricultural business environment. ZIP TRUCK LINES, INC., is positioned to continue forward well into the future, providing top level transportation and warehousing services. A commitment to superior service and a strong allocation of resources will provide the strength and flexibility required to maintain a stable business environment as the company focuses on the needs of its valued customers.

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